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Psychology of Religion

St. Xavier University, Chicago Illinois
Spring 1997 Semester
Instructor: David P. Smith


Week 1 (January 30, 1997)

Expectations about ³Psychology² and ³Religion²/definition of terms-Handouts
Background and approach of course
Class exercise: the Religious Experience Profile

Week 2 (February, 06, 1997)
Science and Religion-How We Know.

Wells, The Definition of Religion (in packet)
Goldstein, What is Science? (in packet)
Sagan, Ch. 10 and 12 from The Demon-Haunted World (in packet)

Week 3 (February, 13, 1997)
Interpretive Approaches to the Study of Religion

Paden, Interpreting the Sacred, Ch.1, 2, 7 and 8 (in packet

Week 4 (February, 20 , 1997)
Overview of the Psychology of Religion

Biet-Hallahmi, ³The Psychology of Religion² pp. 1-61

Week 5 (February, 27, 19977)
Sigmund Freud and the Psychoanalytic Tradition

Goodenough, What is Religion? (in packet)
Freud, Future of an Illusion, Ch. 1-5

Week 6 (March, 06, 1997)

Critiques of Freud
Freud, Future of an Illusion, Ch. 5-10

Week 7 (March, 13, 1997)

Sigmund Freud and Carl G. Jung

Jung, Psychology and Religion pp. 1-65

Week 8 (March, 20 , 1997)

Carl G. Jung and the Analytic Tradition
Jung, Psychology and religion pp. 66-135
Wallace, Religion: An Anthropological View, pp. 13-31

Week 9 (April 3, 1997) MIDTERM 7-10 pages
American Psychology of Religion

James,Varities of Religious Experience Lectures.1-3
excerpts from Lectures 4-10

Week 10 (April 10, 1997)
James and Pragmatic Approaches to Religion

James, Varities of Religious Experience Lectures.19 and 20

Week 11(April 17, 1997)
Humanistic Psychology and Religion

Allport, G. W., The individual and his religion. Ch. 1-3

Week 12 (April 24, 1997)
Influence of Allport on Empirical Studies of Religion

Allport, G. W., The individual and his religion. Ch. 3-6

Week 13 (May 01, 1997)
Physiology and Personality of Religion

Winkelman, Trance States (in packet)
Batson,Schoenrade and Ventis. ch. 5 and 6. (in packet

Week14 (May 08, 1997)
Humanistic to Transpersonal Perspectives in Psychology

Maslow, A. H. , Religions, values and peak experiences. Ch. 1-8

Week 15 (May 15, 1997)
Contemporary Research and Trends

Meadow, "Current and Emerging Themes in the Psychology of Religion"(in packet)
Batson, "An Agenda Item for Psychology of Religion: Getting Respect" (in packet

Week 16 (May 22, 1997)

FINAL-Research paper due (15-20 pages)

Review and Questions

The course schedule is subject to some modification. Documentary videos and guest lecturers will be incorporated into the curriculum.

Required Texts:

Suggested References for Study and Research:
References and suggested readings and resources for the psychology of religion:

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