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Laurence Binet Brown (1927-2011)

Laurence Binet Brown was known for his several books in the psychology of religion. After completing his bachelor's degree at Victoria University (Wellington, New Zealand), Brown obtained his Ph.D. at the University of London, where he studied with Michael Argyle and Robert Thouless.

Brown's career featured extensive work in the psychology of religion, with many relevant books: Psychology of Religion (1973), Ideology (1973), Advances in the Psychology of Religion (1985), The Psychology of Religious Belief (1987), The Psychology of Religion: An Introuction (1988), and Modern Spiritualities: An Inquiry (1997).

Brown also served as co-editor of International Journal for the Psychology of Religion at its founding. For his contributions to the field, APA Division 36 awarded him the William James Award in 1992. His career took him to many countries, from his native New Zealand to Australia and England. He also introduced Western psychologists to psychology in China, through his Psychology in Contemporary China (1981).

Psychologists interested in religion owe him a great debt. Brown's prolific career has left a significant impact on the field.

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