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Psych of Religion, Ch. 4

By Ingrid Hellstrom & Michael Nielsen

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2. Stage of cognitive development in which children understand things through their interactions with the world around them, including object permanence.
4. Psychologist who applied religious thinking to cognitive development, esp. in religious education.
5. Cognitive stage where children can think abstractly.
8. Moral stage where children begin to recognize relative nature of personal values.
14. Psychologist who developed a tri-dimensional theory of people's images of God.
15. Stage of faith dev. where religious symbols & beliefs are accepted.
16. He is best known for his theory of faith development.
18. Psychologist who developed a famous 4-stage theory of cognitive development.
19. The idea that development happens in a series of qualitatively different ___, where each 'level' of development is more advanced than the preceding one.
22. Cognitive dev. stage in which children are primarily egocentric.
24. Stage where a more individualized approach to God is taken.
25. In learning to pray, children usually progress from this kind of prayer to abstract and individualized petitions.
27. Faith dev. stage in which 'dialogical' knowing develops.
28. Images or symbols with biological roots.
29. Stage of faith involving a oneness with God.
30. Hypothesis that religious commitment stems from a lack of attachment.
1. His theory of moral development includes 6 stages.
3. Cognitive stage where children understand 'conservation'.
5. Stage where children see little difference between God and a fairy tale (2 words).
6. Stage of fatih development where child becomes aware of the sacred and the existence of morality.
7. A type of religious group that has been linked to both more authoritarian and authoritative styles of parenting.
9. Psychologist who believes that several components of intelligence are criical in religious development.
10. Stage where children see God as more concrete and human.
11. Researcher who has promoted the view of religion as attachment.
12. Psychologist who studied children's images of God using open-ended methods such as drawing and explaining.
13. According to Allport, part of children's religious development is a revision of their views of this.
15. State where children are searching for answers to religious questions but without commitment.
17. Psychologist best known for research on development of religious judgment.
20. Faith dev. stage involving re-examination of beliefs & values.
21. Stage of faith development that leads to a desire for a more personal relationship with God.
22. Stage of faith development during infancy; it focuses on developing emotional trust.
23. Moral dev. stage characterized by a child's orientation toward unquestioning deference and avoidance of punishment.
26. The ___ model view of attachment suggests that one's view of God is similar to one's view of parents.