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Recommended Films in Psychology of Religion

by Michael E. Nielsen, PhD

© 2003-2009 Michael Nielsen

    Circumscribe Me!

Yisrael Campbell, an Irish American Catholic who converted to Judaism, is a comedian in Israel. His film, Circumcise Me, offers a humorous and personal look at life as a Jewish convert. Several of my favorite lines are in this youtube clip, but if you can, see the film in its entirety. I caught it on the The Documentary Channel, available through the Dish Network. It may be available through other sources, too.

If you are near New York, you be able to see his one man show. Enjoy!

    New York Doll

I'd heard good things about the movie New York Doll, but I was unprepared for just how strong a film this is. While in film school, Greg Whiteley learns that Arthur "Killer" Kane is in his congregation and preparing to play a concert with his fellow New York Dolls. This has been Kane's dream, and comes after the group split up 30 years ago. During that time, Kane went from stardom and fame to obscurity. In the process he had a religious conversion and lived a humble life, working in a church library while dreaming for the day when he and the other two remaining members of the Dolls might play together again.