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Psychology of Religion Research & Teaching Exchange Information Sheet



This information is made available in order to facilitate research, mentorship, and teaching opportunities among scholars interested in the psychological study of religion. ALL other uses are prohibited. Name and Title
      Michael E. McCullough, Ph.D., Assoc. Prof. of Psychology
Institutional Affiliation
      Southern Methodist University
Mailing Address
      SMU Box 750442
      Dallas, TX 75275-0442
Email AddressResearch Interests
      I am interested in the relationships between religious involvement and hard indicators of health and disease such as all-cause and cause-specific mortality, and how these links might be mediated by physiological or psychological effects. Also conducting longitudinal work on how religious sentiments change across the lifespan and how patterns of change might relate to health and well-being. Also have active research programs on the "psychospiritual" constructs of forgiveness and gratitude.
Representative Publications
      McCullough, M. E., Bellah, C. G., Kilpatrick, S. D., & Johnson, J. L. (2001). Vengefulness: Relationships with forgiveness, rumination, well-being, and the Big Five. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 27, 601-610.

      McCullough, M.E., Hoyt, W.T., Larson, D.B., Koenig, H.G., & Thoresen, C.E. (2000). Religious involvement and mortality: A meta-analytic review. Health Psychology, 19, 211-222.

      McCullough, M. E., Hoyt, W. T., & Larson, D. B. (2001). Small, robust, and important: Reply to Sloan and Bagiella (2001) [Letter to the Editor]. Health Psychology, 20, 228-229.

      McCullough, M. E., Kilpatrick, S. D., Emmons, R. A., & Larson, D. B. (2001). Is gratitude a moral affect? Psychological Bulletin, 127, 249-266.

Research Keywords
      Measurement, Biological, Developmental, Mental Health and Psychopathology, Social
Psychology and Religion Courses, Seminars, or Programs Taught
      (a) Psychology of Religion; (b) Religious and Spiritual Variables in Psychophysiology and Physical Health.
Relevant Degrees or Certificates Available at Institution
      BA, MA, PhD
Languages Spoken


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