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Psychology of Religion Research & Teaching Exchange Information Sheet



This information is made available in order to facilitate research, mentorship, and teaching opportunities among scholars interested in the psychological study of religion. ALL other uses are prohibited. Name and Title
      The Revd. Prof. Dr. James M. Day, Professor
Institutional Affiliation

      Université catholique de Louvain, Department of Psychology, Research Centers in Mental Health and Human Development, and Psychology of Religion

      Assistant Chaplain, Pro-Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, Brussels, Belgium

      Ordained Priest: Church of England, Diocese in Europe, Anglican Communion

Mailing Address
      Department of psychology and education, Centre for the psychology of religion, Pl. du Cardinal Mercier, 10, B-1348 Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
Email AddressResearch Interests
      Religion and personality
Representative Publications
    • R. Mosher, D. Youngman, & J. Day (Eds) (2006), Human development across the lifespan: Educational and psychological applications, Second Edition. Westport: Praeger Publishing.
    • Day, J. (in press) Psychological perspectives on religious development and hierarchies of cognitive complexity: a review of the literature and some implications for psychological growth and intervention in adulthood. World Futures: The Journal of General Evolution.
    • Day, J. (in press) Conscience: Does religion matter? Empirical studies of religious elements in pro-social behaviour, prejudice, empathy development, and moral reasoning. To appear in Koop, W.. (Ed.) The Structure and Development of Conscience. London. Psychology Press.
    • Day, J. (2007) Moral reasoning, religious reasoning, and their supposed relationships: paradigms, problems, and prospects. Adult Developments: The Bulletin of the Society for Research in Adult Development.10(1), 6-10.
    • Day, J. (2007) Marital spirituality through the life course: insights from psychology. In Sandor, M. (Ed.) Companion to marital spirituality. Leuven. Peeters.
    • Day, J. (2007) Personal development. In F. Watts & E. Gulliford (Eds) Jesus and Psychology: Approaching the Gospels Psychologically. London. Dartman & Todd.
Research Keywords
Psychology and Religion Courses, Seminars, or Programs Taught
      2 courses (30+30 h): Psychology of religion, Psychology of religion of child and adolescent
Relevant Degrees or Certificates Available at Institution
      DEA in psychology (specialization: psychology of religion; 3d cycle program of 1 year); PhD in psychology
Languages Spoken
      French, English, Greek


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