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    The American Psychological Association, Division for the Psychology of Religion, awarded me its 2006 Distinguished Service Award for my work promoting psychological study of religion on the web. This was a highlight of my career, and an honor that means a great deal to me. I also have received awards from Georgia Southern University for the webpages: the 2006 College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Award for Distinction in Service, and the university-wide 2007 Excellence in Service Award. On my campus, these are considered tremendous honors, and I am gratified to know that people have found this work useful and worthy of recognition.

Psychology Today had this to say in its January-February 2001 issue (p. 79):

    If you think science and spirituality are like church and state, then you haven't tapped into the new psychological movement that examines how religion influences people's daily lives. Consider this comprehensive site your primer. Creator Michael E. Nielsen, Ph.D., professor of psychology at Georgia Southern University, offers message boards, journal links, resource lists and up-to-the-minute religion news without straying from pure science.

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